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USPA on July 2: ‘We are stronger together’

 by Anastasiia Volobuieva, General Secretary of the USPA

KIEV, July 2, 2017 – The Ukrainian Sports Press Association (USPA) hosted a summit to mark World Sports Journalists Day on 2 July. The networking event was held at the Museum of Achievements of the Klitschko brothers at Olympiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv with the support of the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Olympic Committee (NOC), Boxing Federation, USPA, and Kyiv Sports Press Association.

Some of Ukraine’s finest sports reporters had the opportunity to ‘rub elbows’ with the likes of Youth and Sports Minister Ihor Zhdanov, Athletics Federation President Igor Gotsul, and Secretary of State for the Ministry of Youth and Sports Oleh Nemchinov. The warm and cheerful event attracted famous Ukrainian athletes, coaches, and Olympians to see journalists and federations rewarded for their work in sports reporting.

“We, the sports journalists of Ukraine, cherish our professional unity and friendship; we protect it and do everything possible for the further development and strengthening of our journalistic relations”, said USPA President and NOC member Mykhailo Volobuiev. “USPA has been a collective member of AIPS for many years and nowadays about 100 people are its individual members. We work in close contact and we always find understanding and support from AIPS during Olympic Games, world championships, and other major international competitions. What is particularly gratifying is that this interaction contributes to our professional growth which brings us closer and opens new opportunities in creativity.”

World Sports Journalists Day is a shared holiday and we in Ukraine really know how to celebrate it!



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